The Story of Us

From L to R: Folami, Rachel, Mashona and Susan. Excited about possibilities.

This is SuRa FoMa. We’re a group of passionate facilitators and youth-development professionals that know the value of thoughtful collaboration. In March of 2019, we teamed up to pursue a project that excited each of us – the facilitation of the Youth Arts Initiative Learning Community this June in Chicago, in partnership with The Wallace Foundation and Boys & Girls Club of America.

Two of us (SuRa) work for VOX ATL (aka VOX Teen Communications), Atlanta’s home for uncensored teen publishing, self-expression and youth voice. Two of us (FoMa) work for HTI Catalysts, a collaborative network of consultants that provide facilitation and professional development to schools, youth programs, and community-based organizations. With the multiple perspectives on the field of youth development and shared expertise in facilitation, we knew that we were the right fit for this project.

As the four of us prepped for our interview experience and thought about our roles, we had an ah-ha moment of just what we were building. We’re a quartet of facilitators, each bringing a style and skillset uniquely our own that builds a stronger collective. So, we discovered we’re a band! And that is how the group became SuRa FoMa. We each have our roles (or instruments) to play. We are also so excited to add Amanda and Keinika to the group as our powerful duo of road manager and musical director! These two will keep us focused on the facilitation and handle all of the logistics for our LC.

Here’s the full line-up:

Susan – bassist

Rachel – guitarist

Folami – lead singer

Mashona – drummer

Amanda – road manager

Keinika – musical director

You can read about each member of the band and what our roles mean to us by clicking above.

And we want to expand our sound! As we hit the road and plan for our tour in Chicago, we can’t wait to add more voices and instruments to the mix with all of the Learning Community participants.

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