About Mashona (Drummer)

Hey! I’m Mashona and I’m the drummer of this amazing band. IRL I do not have any instrument-playing capabilities but when I look at the role of the drummer, that’s all me. I am responsible for keeping the rhythm of our band and our overall experience. I understand and accept that my role is that of “timekeeper” which does not mean that I will be running behind everyone with a stop watch and a bullhorn, but rather I will keep my attention on generating the beat and timing of the experience; to ensure that our individual and collective needs are met. As a lover of all things that a Chicago summer has to offer, I am really excited for the energy that this city will add to our Learning Community. When I am not keeping the beat for this band, I can be found marching to the beat of my own drum mostly through airports as my latest mantra insists that “all good things are free and wild.”

Personal National Holiday aka Birthday: April 3rd

Organization Affiliation: SuRa FoMa

Favorite Snacks: Chips, specifically BBQ & sour cream

Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids, Peanut M & Ms, Twizzlers (red), Starburst, Jellybeans

Favorite Beverages: Diet Coke with lime

Introvert, Extrovert or Somewhere in the Middle? Somewhere in the middle

Early Bird or Night Owl? Night Owl

What forms of creative expression speak to you most? Spoken word, street art

Favorite color: DUKE blue

Favorite song or album: Self-Destruction

Favorite artist of any kind: Tasha Cobbs-Leonard

Favorite movie: Love Jones – Chicago-based!

Favorite form of relaxation and/or self-care: Travel, writing poetry, walking

Something that excites me about being in Chicago: The view of the skyline from the Planetarium.

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