About Keinika (Musical Director)

Hey y’all! I’m K! I am the Musical Director for SuRa FoMa. I am in charge of the event production and logistics for the LCIII. I bring all the pieces together to make beautiful music! I am a Chicago born and raised, events professional with over 15 years’ experience in the game with local and national events. Along with my planning and production expertise, I LOVE my city and its rich arts culture. My eldest child is involved in the arts educationally and socially while attending one of the top arts school in Chicago. I am excited to bring to life this unique experience wrapped in the things I love about my city for all of you!

Personal National Holiday aka Birthday: July 28th

Organization Affiliation: SuRa FoMa

Favorite Snacks: Fruit, granola

Favorite Beverages: Water, tea, Italian soda

Introvert, Extrovert or Somewhere in the Middle? Somewhere in the middle

Early Bird or Night Owl? Night Owl

What forms of creative expression speak to you most? Dance, dance, dance!!!

Favorite color: Don’t have one!

Favorite song or album: That’s All by Nat King Cole

Favorite artist of any kind: I adore Janelle Monae

Favorite form of relaxation and/or self-care: Movies with friends, I Love Lucy marathons, spa

Something that excites me about being in Chicago: The pulse of the city!

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