NOVEMBER 2020 YAi Digital Convene

Thank you so much for joining us last month for the YAI Learning Community. We are grateful for your time, your energy and your wisdom! Take care of yourselves as we close out the journey of 2020. Sending you love and light. We look forward to being together again in 2021!

Below you will find the videos and available resources from our time together! This page will be updated as new things come our way so please check back from time to time. And don’t forget, these things and much more live on our YouTube channel, including the “Vibing in the Virtual Space” series.

Opening from Bahia Ramos & Keynote with Hodari Davis

After a brief welcome from the SuRa FoMa Collective, watch Bahia Ramos (The Wallace Foundation) greet us at 10:11 before introducing Keynote speaker, Hodari Davis (Edutainment for Equity) who enlightens us at 14:58

TED-X Style Speaker Series

Below are all of the videos from our subject matter experts from Day 1. Make sure to watch and share them with your team! Accompanying resources and links are under each speaker’s video.

Chiwoniso Kaitano, Girl Be Heard
Russell Baker, NDI-New Mexico
Kasandra VerBrugghen, Spy Hop
Jennifer Bateman, Boys & Girls Club of America

Advancing the Success Principles

Senior Leadership Focused for Engagement: Video from Moving in the Spirit

And don’t forget to stream our community’s favorite “smooth air” tunes, created for our collective travels!