About Susan (Bassist)

I’m Susan, the bassist for SuRa FoMa. I’ve long had dreams of playing in a band so am really living into my chance with this one! As the bassist, I have an eye towards rhythm-setting and rhythm-keeping. In facilitation, this looks like moving through an agenda to make sure we’re on time and not trying to cram too much in. When not strumming away, I am the executive director at VOX ATL and do a lot of similar rhythm-setting and rhythm-keeping in my day job. I love playing this role because I get to keep moving things forward, while ensuring that the other members of my band feel supported and taken care of.

Here are some of my answers to the Favorite Things survey so you can get to know me a little better:

Personal National Holiday aka Birthday: May 7th – proud Taurus

Organization Affiliation: SuRa FoMa

Favorite Snacks: Popcorn, chips and salsa, salty not sweet

Favorite Candy: Well, if I have to go sweet – any combo of peanut butter and chocolate.

Favorite Beverages: Coffee…all day, every day…lime seltzer…red wine.

Introvert, Extrovert or Somewhere in the Middle? Introvert

Early Bird or Night Owl? Early bird

What forms of creative expression speak to you most? Words – written and spoken. Also love paintings, murals and ceramics. Love dance and song, too.

Favorite color: Reds, oranges and pinks – think of a sunset.

Favorite song or album: Impossible to pick just one but a formative record is “If You’re Feeling Sinister” by Belle & Sebastian

Favorite artist of any kind: James Baldwin

Favorite movie: “We Are the Best,” it’s about three 13 year-old girls who start a punk band. Do you see a pattern?

Favorite form of relaxation and/or self-care: Reading in bed with coffee near by and a snoring dog.

Something that excites me about being in Chicago: Seeing the city through the eyes of youth creating art!

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