About Amanda (Road Manager)

Hi! I’m Amanda, road manager for SuRa FoMa. I’m handling all the arrangements in advance, during, and after the tour, so the members of the band can focus on their performance. I’m coordinating all the logistics, so if you need something, just let me know! When I’m not on the road, I’m hosting an underground supper club called Chow Club Atlanta. Each month we feature a different emerging chef from a culture that is underrepresented in the Atlanta food scene. In the past two years, we’ve featured 23 cuisines from Antigua to Senegal and from Bulgaria to Laos! I’m also a coach for Pecha Kucha Atlanta where presenters have 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide to present on a topic of their choosing. 

Personal National Holiday aka Birthday: March 20th, first day of spring and the last day of the zodiac

Organization Affiliation: SuRa FoMa

Favorite Snacks: wasabi peas

Favorite Candy: super dark chocolate with a fun twist (ginger, chili, raspberry)

Favorite Beverages: kombucha, I brew my own!

Introvert, Extrovert or Somewhere in the Middle? Extrovert

Early Bird or Night Owl? Early bird

What forms of creative expression speak to you most? Fiber arts (sewing, weaving)

Favorite color: turquoise

Favorite song or album: Amy Ray’s “Goodnight Tender”

Favorite artist of any kind: Dolly Parton or Sam Cooke

Favorite movie: “Clue” or “PeeWee’s Big Adventure”

Favorite form of relaxation and/or self-care: adventures with my dog and long baths

Something that excites me about being in Chicago: I really want to take the architecture boat tour. I’ve heard amazing things about it!

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