Introducing Kateshia!

Like any good musical collective, we continue to grow. Join us in welcome Kateshia McAfee, the newest member of the SuRa FoMa Collective! She is serving as our event planner for this digital convene and we already can’t imagine our sound without her. Here are just a few of Kateshia’s favorite things.

Personal National Holiday aka Birthday: December 19th

Organization Affiliation: SuRa FoMa

Favorite Snacks: Golden Oreos and Goldfish

Favorite Beverages: Cold pressed juice, Ginger Ale

Introvert, Extrovert or Somewhere in the Middle? Introvert

Early Bird or Night Owl? Night Owl

What forms of creative expression speak to you most? Spoken word and musical theatre 

Favorite color: Olive green

Favorite song or album: The Thrill of it All – Sam Smith 

Favorite artist of any kind: Kevin Garrett 

Favorite form of relaxation and/or self-care: Dance breaks with friends and massages

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