Get Ready for ATL!

Teen staff members featured with Sonia Murray, renowned Atlanta journalist, and Maurice Garland, VOX Publishing Director, after a recent music review workshop at VOX ATL.

We are so looking forward to hosting you in SuRa FoMa’s hometown of Atlanta! You’ll learn a lot more about this city through our eyes and of course while you’re here on the ground.

To prepare for this LC, please:

  1. Make your hotel reservation no later than Thursday October 17 by visiting We’ll stay and do some of our work together at The Loews Hotel in Midtown Atlanta. Our room block is available Sunday-Wednesday. 
  2. Prepare your travel plans. For out-of-state travelers, we encourage arrival on Sunday, Nov. 17,  for 10 a.m. start Monday. We strongly encourage our Atlanta-based colleagues to stay at the hotel Monday and Tuesday nights to enable full participation in all morning and evening LC events.

To get your ears perked, we put together this playlist of music from Atlanta and all around Georgia. Atlanta music really does influence everything so it feels right to get you excited for your time here through these stellar tunes (author bias noted). PLEASE NOTE: this is uncensored!

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